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Howdy Pardners, Welcome to the home of the Brazos Valley Desperadoes.We are a shooting group that uses the traditional firearms, clothing and aliases of the old West. The club was founded in July of 1994 to provide a safe, enjoyable shooting sport for the entire family and meets every 2nd sunday of the month. Yearly membership dues are $24.00 per year -- that's for individual's and families. We have started prorating for new members (at $2.00 per month). Not fair to ask for the full amount if they join in the middle of the year. With a $10 match fee per member.Non-members pay a match fee of $15 per shooter. Shooters participating in a BVD match for the first time do not pay a match fee.


Lonnie "Valdez" Ammann - President

Paul "Mad Dog" Morgan - Vice President

Billie "MOM" Ammann - Secretary (979 ) 279-5859 or (979)279-3400

Dwight Miller aka "El Pistolero" - Treasure

Frank " Wagon Killer " Schlett - Range Officer

Paul "Mad Dog" Morgan - Match Officer..

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"Cowboy Action Shooting Photos"

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